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Thinking about something? Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail. We will do our utmost to answer all your questions as soon as possible. This could be anything from travel, ordering, offers, payment, tips or advice. Many answers to your questions can also be found on this website.

We always respond within 24 hours to emails. You can reach us by phone on weekdays between 10:00 and 15:00, except for lunch at 12:00-13:00.

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Frequently asked questions


The food is designed to make your forest dinner with us as smooth and fantastic as possible. We provide you with all the ingredients and recipes, which you then cook yourself in your tent.
The box is lactose-free and nut-free. If you have any food allergies, let us know when booking and we will do our utmost to adapt the bag.
As far as possible, all raw materials are organically grown.

A grocery bag is included in all our packages.


You must bring your own alcoholic drinks for the duration of your stay. We do not serve alcohol on site. Water, juice, coffee & tea are served in the camp.

When is Hajk open?

The season starts on June 1 and ends on September 15.

Checking in and out?

Check-in at 15:00 – Check-out at 10:00.

How do people find you?

About a week before your arrival date, we will send you an email with the exact coordinates of your camp. We recommend that you enter the coordinates in Google Maps or use the link we send you in the email.

There is no street address for Hajk to enter into the GPS.

Transportation to Hajk’s camp is not included in the price.

Cancellation and rebooking?

Open purchase up to 40 days before arrival.
39-14 days before arrival cancellation fee of 50%.
13-0 days before arrival no refund in case of cancellation.

Amendment cost
Cost of changing dates within the same season
Up to 14 days before arrival, the cost is €300 per change.
13-2 days before arrival 1000:- per change.
2-0 days you lose the entire cost.

Changing the name of the reservation is always free of charge.

Cancellation protection

Cancellation insurance is taken out at the time of booking.
In case of cancellation with cancellation protection more than 14 days before arrival, the entire rental amount paid will be refunded but not the cost of the cancellation protection 400:-.
In case of cancellation with cancellation insurance later than 13 days before arrival, the entire rental amount paid will be refunded minus a 500 SEK handling fee and the cost of the cancellation insurance 400 SEK.

Changing the date more than 14 days before the arrival date is free if you have cancellation protection, changing the date closer than 13 days before arrival at a cost of €300 per change.

Cancellation protection is valid until 10:00 am. 15.00 the day before arrival.

About us
Adventure is in our DNA

After Henrik founded both the beautiful The Lodge Resort in Genarp and flew hot air balloons for 30 years, it is now time to expand the experience portfolio. That’s why we’ve decided to create some extra special hiking trips. Now in a new trio with Jakob and his son Jonathan.

Traditionally, hiking trips have mostly found their place in the sunny landscapes of southern Europe, but with the rising heat of the summer months, interest has gradually shifted northwards. It is therefore not surprising that hiking and nature experiences are becoming increasingly popular in Scandinavia.

We see a future where we offer 72-hour hiking adventures across Scandinavia and selected parts of the continent, aiming to provide a comprehensive nature and community experience in a variety of destinations – from beech forests to high mountains.

Our inspiration is drawn from the 1960s Boy Scouts of the Midwest, USA, with their iconic beige tents, early morning trumpet blasts, strong community spirit and deep respect for nature. We have used this nostalgic image as the basis for our own unique interpretation, which aims to offer welcoming, adventurous and memorable experiences that go far beyond the usual forest walks.

To make this dream a reality, we have created unique tents that combine luxury and comfort with life’s simpler pleasures. Our basecamp, a spacious 300 square meter gathering place, is the heart of our operations. It is a place where guests can meet and socialize; play cornhole, gather around the campfire or enjoy music from troubadours on starry nights.

We look forward to taking you on an adventure like no other.